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Olivia Reign Author

Healing the Heart: A Small Town Second Chance Romance

Healing the Heart: A Small Town Second Chance Romance

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I was a broken cowboy, tethered only to my children and ranch.

Then I met Rayna.

One glance in a lonely airport.

Her beauty captivates me, and a one-night stand turns into a secret affair that sets our worlds on fire.

But when she walks into my daughter's school days later, the passion becomes more than a hidden tryst; it becomes a dangerous obsession.

Our love is fierce, but it's threatened by an unseen enemy determined to destroy me.

The line between right and wrong blurs as danger looms, and a heartbreaking choice must be made.

Rayna believes stepping away can save me, 
but how can I let go when she's my salvation?

In a dance of love and peril, will our love survive, or will it be consumed by the very flames that brought us together?

Time is running out, and the battle is on.

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