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Olivia Reign Author

Doctor Cowboy: A Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers Romance

Doctor Cowboy: A Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers Romance

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He’s back from the military after more than a decade of being gone… and more gorgeous than ever.

The moment Jarret Young broke my heart, I told myself I would never let it happen again—though I’ve never been able to tell him no. But now, I just want to run my animal rescue in peace, helping save the abused and neglected.

And it was all going just as planned…

Until the Doctor Cowboy walked into town again.

The moment my eyes landed on his muscled biceps, strong shoulders, and those ocean baby blues, I knew that I was in for the greatest temptation of my life—all over again. My mind still hasn’t let go of the long nights spent tangled up with him; my body still craves the way he touched me, his lips caressing every inch of me. And to make matters worse…

I need his help.

When the unspeakable takes place, Mother Nature sends me right into Jarrett’s domain without much say. The close proximity is more than I can bear, longing to feel his hands on my body again—and maybe this time, I can take control, and he can play by my rules.

However, just when I think I’ve conquered the man who left me cold…

We’re both thrown into a hostile situation we never saw coming—but will he come through for me? Or leave me like he did before?

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