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Olivia Reign Author

Cowboy's Secret Twins: Small Town Second Chance Romance

Cowboy's Secret Twins: Small Town Second Chance Romance

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The plan was for him to be the best ride of my life, NOT my baby daddy.


Don’t hook up with the cowboys.

That’s rule #1 at the ranch.

One glance into Todd’s sea-blue eyes, and I found myself drowning.

I felt like a bad girl for breaking the rules.

My head is still swirling from that toe-curling night.

But that night came with an unexpected surprise.

I was pregnant… with twins.

Todd shattered my heart when he left the ranch before I could tell him. 


I felt like he ran away because he had something to hide.


Seven years later, my family sent out an SOS.

I wasn’t expecting Todd “Baby Daddy” Porter to show up. 

The ranch has enough fires to put out.

But now we’re forced to work together.


Until I know why he disappeared, I have to keep the twins safe.

I guess we both have our secrets.

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