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Olivia Reign Author

Cowboy Bosshole: A Second Chance Next Door Romance

Cowboy Bosshole: A Second Chance Next Door Romance

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When her memory returns, will she remember I’m her sworn enemy?

I’ve never forgiven myself for what happened that night.

Everyone blames my steel heart on the career-ending rodeo accident that ruined my life.

But there was something else—someone else.

Years later, I just want to run the ranch in my own miserable peace, but when crazy Mattie Harold comes begging for me to take in her niece with amnesia…

I can’t bring myself to turn her down.

And when I lock eyes with her hot, emerald-eyed niece, I come face to face with my past. There’s just one thing…

She doesn’t remember the night I ruined everything.

Now I’m rushing to build new memories with her before her old memories of hurt return, desperate to earn my way back into her heart—even if it means facing my own fears to fix her crazy PTSD-ridden horse.

However, just as I think I might be able to pull it all off, we’re thrown a life-threatening curve ball that we never saw coming.

And it might just end the second chance I never knew I needed

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