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Olivia Reign Author

Christmas in Vines: A Small Town Romance

Christmas in Vines: A Small Town Romance

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Lost a bet, took Tyler's place at the cider house—a classic dare, right?

Then Willow happened, turning my laid-back world into a chaotic dance of stolen steamy kisses and holiday flings.
The dark-haired beauty, heart-shaped face, and eyes that saw through my charade.

—She flipped my world and my sheets like a Christmas snow globe.

Tyler's identity, a mere disguise, led to a deal with Willow—she'd show me the magic of Christmas.
Tree chopping, decorating, ice skating—her idea of holiday cheer collided with my indifferent outlook.
But damn, I was falling for her, and she thought I was Tyler.

In the chaos, a sinister plot emerged to hijack Willow's family legacy.
I couldn't stand back.
Blond hair and blue-green eyes aside, I had to reveal the truth.
Hearts on the line, hostile takeover looming, our holiday romance hung by a thread.

Baring my soul, I risked it all.
Christmas magic or fleeting love?
Midnight struck, and we kissed—Willow and I, tangled in a spicy yuletide tale of surprises and stolen moments.

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